Why you should use the energy of a great shock

Why you should use the energy of a great shock

Hello everybody,

Today a very harsh subject. We all have had them and we will have more of them. I talk about shocking moments and disasters in life.

No matter if the death of a loved person, an illness, financial problems, or a harsh breakup. They all have in common that they tear you apart and many times you want to do just nothing and lay in bed.

However, I want to challenge you to take energy from those moments and go and do something good for yourself or somebody important to you.

An example from my life is that my grandpa died at the end of my bachelor’s. My first response was to quit the semester and finish my bachelor a semester or two later. But then I realized that I cannot do anything more for him and I remembered that he was my biggest fan and a wonderful supporter. So, I decided that I could honor him more when I would finish my bachelor’s, and so I did.

Was it easy? Hell no. Did I never cry or doubted? Of course not, I cried like a little baby and doubted it quite regularly, sometimes daily. But I took that energy, as often as possible, and did something good. I wrote a speech for my grandpa’s funeral, focused on learning for my tests, and I spent some of this energy in the gym.

Was I perfect? Obviously not! But I tried my best and that is what I ask of you. Try your best in those moments. Challenge yourself to use that energy for something good!

So, no matter how small, do your best and use this energy for something good. At least a part of it. Don’t let this big potential disappear completely unused.

“Life constantly presents the greatest opportunity brilliantly disguised as the biggest disaster.”

David Icke

I wish you no gigantic shocks and that you can use the energy of the small obstacles in life.

All the best,


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