Why you haven´t read anything from me for some weeks and how I will continue

Why you haven´t read anything from me for some weeks and how I will continue

Hello, my friends,

I am sorry for not writing in the last weeks. I really am. I know there are no excuses and that I should´ve continued my writing habit but I didn´t.

Hence, here we go. In this post, I want to explain to you a little bit what happened in the last weeks and why I didn´t write. I hope that you can see because of that that we are all humans, that things happen and that the most important part is to get back on track. As my parents told me:

“If you fall from the horse then the most important part is to get back on it a.s.a.p.!”

The first reason is that I was ill at the beginning of the year and I didn´t really take the time to cure fully. As you all know I was about to finish my last writings for my master at the end of 2019 and I really wanted to finish my master’s. The writing continued until 2020 because of some delay. But during that whole time, I didn´t feel good. I even continued writing with fever (Yeah, I know, probably a bad idea….). Finally, around the second week of this year, I finished my “research proposal”. That was my last work and I was so extremely happy to hand it in. Then, I had to drive twice to the Netherlands to get going with all the administrational stuff until I had my last grades in the system. Now, I finally have my degree in the process. Some weeks of waiting and I will have my Master of Science in Biology.

During that time and up until now I am still working three days a week as a tutor for pupils. I know, those are no excuses, but I want to show you how many “good” excuses my mind came up with.

I honestly know in my heart and mind that I could´ve made some minutes each day for writing something else than my proposal. I know that I could´ve taken some minutes in the morning or evening. But I didn´t.

On top of that, I had to sort out a lot of my thoughts about the next step for my life. Finding and choosing my starting career stayed difficult and this project became gigantic. I had talks with career advisors and even now I am still not 100 % sure how it´s going but I made some decisions that I think are good. The future will show the rest.

The steps I took were first making a table with all the options that I found in the last month and year and then I looked up some factors with which I  more objectively could sort and compare the ideas that I had. The first factor I used was the role I would have and the impact I could have. So, how pressing is the subject or how much impact could it have on me.
Other factors where the person fit, the career capital, hence what I can learn and the options this could open for me, and the exploration value, hence, how much value can I get out of this and which better plans will that open for me.
Then the personal factor, hence, that I want interesting work there, how much money I can make, how good the work-life balance is there, and I also noted the positive impact on the world I could have. Next, I made an artificial scale up in my mind from low over medium to medium-high and then high and I just ranked each of the factors and then I ordered them according to the score that I gave them. That resulted in an IT-Traineeship being the first rank for myself, closely followed by consulting.

The next thing I did was I got searched for a lot of information for the highest-ranked option. And that´s what I did in the last two weeks a lot. I read articles, watched videos, and started to learn Python (probably the most famous programming language out there). I learned so much about IT, data and different positions that I am surprised. I am barely scratching at the basics of Python, but I hope to get going a bit with some more interesting things during the next days.  

Additionally, I kind of freaked out if those are good ideas and if this is really a good fit for myself. Hence, during the last weeks, I read a lot about personality traits and how to find out if a career path is something for oneself. That´s also not an easy subject but I think I got the most important parts. Probably the main thing is that you never know, and you can only find out trying.
The second thing I found was that one cannot be 100 % passionate about one’s career/job even if you find your dream job you will not like 30-50 % of the tasks.
Therefore, I will focus on doing my best choosing a career, then I will try it and do my best in there and at the same time, I will enjoy things that I am passionate about in my free time. I will explore and try and enjoy this life. Maybe I will find something I am more passionate about than my job, maybe not but most important: I will enjoy this life and make experiences and learn new things.

And if everything goes wrong, I can change my career. I read somewhere:

“ You can have a career that is okay for you to make a living, in which you have nice co-workers and friends, and you enjoy working there and you feel as if you are having a positive impact. And in your free time, you can do what you are passionate about. Those two don´t have to be connected.”

So, now you know why I wasn´t writing. I will try my best to get back to writing regularly. However, I also need to work on my solicitations, networking, coding and my side-job. I also refuse to skip other important parts of my life. I vowed to myself to take even better physical care of myself. That means that I got to work out 3-4 days a week and eat healthy (social overeating is here the biggest struggle). And this vow proofs already very difficult this year because I still feel not fully cured… However, I will continue to aim to be every day a little bit better than I was yesterday. In all areas.

I wish you success and energy for all your endeavors. Especially, if you messed up or lost track or failed. Don´t give up and jump back on the horse as soon as possible. And never forget:

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Walt Disney

All the best and a wonderful week,


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