Why starting anything is difficult

Why starting
is difficult

Starting anything is scary. However, only while doing something new/exciting and often times at least a bit scary can we grow. And not growing means standing still. This would mean going backward because everything else will be moving forward.

Thus, I try to always convince myself to rather move very slowly and/or make mistakes than to stand still. This blog is a great example from me. I thought about making a for already a long time. But I dwelled way too much on starting it good, making it perfect, having a great niche, having the perfect plan and knowing exactly what I will do. However, I now decided to “Just do it.”, I am now just giving it a try. Following my own gut-feeling and trusting myself to adjust on the way. I am now on good terms with the idea of making mistakes, rather than not moving.

Here I have some lines that helped me to do more and think less for you:

“Focus on the process.”

“Everything in life that´s hard is just a series of things that are easy.”

“Action is a muscle, thus, take good action right away.”

There are many more but those are the ones that helped me in the last time and other will come in other posts.

So, let´s do our best to train our action muscles every day. To come every day some steps closer to the life we dream of. And hopefully make the world just a tiny bit better then yesterday.

Greetings from your dreamer


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