What I learned from missing my loved one(s)

What I learned from missing my loved one(s)

We all know it. We all fear it. Nobody likes it. But sometimes it´s inevitable! I am talking about missing your loved one(s). However, how does one deal with it?

Today I want to write about exactly that. In the following will I present you my insights in missing my loved one(s).

I hope to achieve two things:

First, it will help you to appreciate and value more when you have your loved one(s) close.

Second, it will give you some tested methods to conquer the bad kind of missing when you are separated.

By the way, I distinguish between the good and bad kind of missing. Good is when I miss them, but I feel still okay. Bad is when I miss them, and I feel as if a black hole is sucking me in. Those days where I feel as if I cannot survive anymore without them being close again. Those are the really difficult days and they, sadly, appear random.

Now to my tested methods:

Just to make it clear the most basic ones. Reach out to your loved one(s)! Call or text them. If nothing else helps distract yourself (I know that I don´t have to give you examples. We are in the 21st century. Distraction is everywhere…).

Now to my top three methods:

First, live your life. Have fun and enjoy the world. Do sport or enjoy one of your hobbies. Try something new. Meet your friends or family.

Second, take notes of everything you want to do with them. Keep a list and later use it to plan some special activities together.

Third, get busy doing something good for your future. For yourself or your loved one(s).

The first one is quite self-explanatory. But not always so easy to do in those moments where you miss them extremely.

The second one helped me a lot. Probably I am just the list type. However, I believe this can help everybody. It brings you back into the here and now and shows you that the future is actually bright!

The third one is to me the ultimate method. To me, it is a combination of the first two with a special touch to it. It gets you out of your head. And more important, it gets you moving into the future. Some examples are: writing a letter/postcard, think about presents and buy/create them. Furthermore, make plans for your future together. Maybe dare to try something out that you would love to do together with them? There are no borders. The limit is your imagination!

Those are my discoveries after studying for six years in a foreign country and having a long-distance relationship for more than a year. I don´t know if they are universal but those work for me! Do you have any additions? Or totally different ones? Let me know!

The only thing you now must do is: do something nice for one or more of your loved ones. Maybe a small surprise, maybe just a call, maybe a nice text or prepare/plan the next meeting or special date. Or maybe, just giving them an unexpected hug?!

 A lot of success with your action!

Greetings and all the best,


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