We all have magic in ourselves

We all have magic in ourselves

I know it, you know it, everybody knows it. We all got magic in ourselves.

We are just not used to see it or to search for it. It´s hidden inside of us and because our magic is so normal to us, we don´t recognize it as such.

And maybe, just maybe we are afraid of it. Afraid that our potential is so much bigger than we tell ourselves.

Imagine a cheetah. He grew up running fast and to him, it´s not special. In his point of view, there is no magic to his fast running. But now imagine a sloth. From the view of the sloth, it´s like magic how fast the cheetah can run.

So, our magic is obvious but at the same time hidden to us. But I believe you can find it. If you just pay more attention to what you do, what is easier for you, and what gives you joy. For example, tasks that you can do for a longer time than other people without getting exhausted. What do you do without even noticing how the time flies by?

It´s an intimidating task and it can take quite some time but we got to find our magic. And we should release it into the world to make it more magical. And hopefully, we release it for the good. Our magic is the mixture of the skills, thoughts, skills, experiences, and knowledge in ourselves. This magic is what makes us special.

I try to do this now for quite some time and it´s challenging because I never paid attention to it. But I slowly understand myself better. I guess it´s a long way to go but I noticed that I can communicate quite easily with almost everybody, that I am thinking about all the great possibilities humanity has for our future, and that I am extremely optimistic (most of the time :P).

That reminds me of another thought. I think that for most of us it´s not one thing that is our magic. More likely it´s our special mixture of magic that we got to find and apply to the world.

Let’s find our magic and use it for improving the future for us, our families, and maybe even on a bigger scale.

All the best,


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