Thought that I am pondering since quite some time

Thought that I am pondering since

quite some time

Hello my friends,

Sorry that I didn´t wrote for quite some time. I know, I should listen more to my own preaching. However, we all know that it´s sometimes difficult. Nevertheless, here is my next post.

Today, I will tell you about one thought that I have for quite some time. But sadly, I don´t have an answer right now. Hopefully, sooner or later I will find the or one answer for me.

I don´t even remember when this thought came for the first time. I know that I already had it some years ago. However, back then I didn´t believe that it´s possible. Now, I do believe it´s.

My thought is how to combine three things:

  1. Making money
  2. Improving the world
  3. Enjoying it

Sounds easy, no? However, finding something that fits for myself is an odyssey I haven´t completed yet.

I have clear ideas about all three parts. Hence, combining should be easy. But it isn´t, for me.

About 1):
I don´t need to become super-rich. I just want enough money to not be afraid of not having money. I want some security. I already know that I don´t need an incredibly big amount of money if I live carefully and evaluate good which things I need.

About 2):
There are countless ways to improve the world. One for me is to always lighten up the days of people around me and lift them up. Motivating them to do many small good things for themselves and others in order to make the world a better place.
I also would love to have a bigger impact, maybe I could do something to promote and/or improve sustainability in our world. However, I don´t want to work insane hours every week just to get by.

About 3):
Here it´s getting complicated (if only in my head, please let me know and help me). I want to find a way to improve the world. E.g.: helping to improve part of our economy with my biology knowledge. While I live a wonderful life. With vacations, traveling, meeting friends & family, building my own future and having a lot of fun.

Sometimes I ask myself if I am asking too much. Should I not settle for any job. Make a living and hope for the best? But I cannot believe that that´s all to life. And I read and heard about many examples of people that did it.

I also ask myself if I am not seeing the forest because of all the trees (as we say in German). Am I missing something in front of me?

I try to focus only on the next step forward and stay openminded for everything I listen to or read. However, it´s really bothering me a lot that I don´t have at least something more than a very rough plan.

For now, the only things I can do are:

  1. Move every day a bit forward to finish my studies.
  2. Read, listen and talk to people. Maybe I find an answer.
  3. Never give up, enjoy what I have and dream a bit of the future.
    However, then reverting to 1.

This post is quite a bit different than the ones before. However, I hope you can take something out of this. Maybe you realized that we all have some things we cannot work out.

I look forward to hear your thoughts, your journey and maybe if you are daring your suggestion(-s)?

All the best and greetings,


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