The world is so beautiful and alive – Sometimes we just forget it

The world is so beautiful and alive – Sometimes we just forget it

Today, I walked alone outside without my phone. I only took a notebook and I realized that I should do that more often. There is so much beauty around us. There are so many sounds, smells, and feelings that we tend to miss during the day and around us. It´s amazing how many things I noticed just walking by myself.

It was only me, nature, my thoughts, my feelings, and my notebook.

I felt the cold air on my skin. I heard the wind, the cars, the birds, and my steps. I felt my ears and head getting cold from the wind. I heard and saw leaves tumbling over the ground, steered by the wind.

And during the whole time, I asked myself: “How can I miss this beauty on most days?

I concluded that I got to become better at paying attention to the daily wonders around me. And I realized that I already became better at this in the last years. I stand sometimes at a beautiful place and just try to take it in completely. I look at all the details and try to listen more closely. And this takes a lot of pressure from my heart. You know, sometimes we can be extremely harsh to ourselves. Then, we expect so much of us that we beat ourselves down and that we get stressed.

Although we need pressure and a little bit of stress to get things done and move forward, it is dangerous when it becomes too much.

I am many days surprised at how much it all boils down to finding balance. And this balance is different for each of us. However, only by paying attention, we can realize what is important for us and then control if we are in balance. In our own balance, not what the world or anybody else tells us.

This became extremely difficult in our time. That´s why I encourage you to unplug sometimes. Let technology lay at home by itself and focus on things without it. You can go for a walk as I did or do some task without it. Maybe play an instrument, draw something, or work out without music. It can be some minutes but you will see how much it clears your thoughts.

Sometimes it feels as if technology and this always being “on” creates a little mist around our thoughts and then we got to clear this mist.

Now, shut off your device and just enjoy this beautiful world for some minutes.

All the best,


“Arianna, your performance will actually improve if you can commit to not only working hard but also unplugging, recharging, and renewing yourself.”

Arianna Huffington

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