The somewhat different Christmas post about taking negative energy and turning it into something good

The somewhat different Christmas post about taking negative energy and turning it into something good

Merry Christmas everybody,

I hope you had a wonderful morning and I wish you to enjoy this day to the max!

Today, a little post that can help you hopefully to make the best out of every day!

“May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.”

I couldn´t resist ^^

You probably know this feeling when you miss somebody or dream of having something so much that it already hurts and that it distracts you from everything else. This is extremely difficult to overcome in the moment but I want to share my short tips on how to achieve the seemingly impossible and use those negative energies and turn them into something good.

Those moments of negativity can drag you down and I think that they are a part of life that we cannot skip. However, I think that we can try our best to make the periods shorter and turn them into something positive. I have this very simple three-step process in my head. It can probably be improved but it´s working good enough for now. So, let´s jump right into it.

The first step is to prepare yourself. Accept that bad things and negative emotions and all in all negative energy will always be part of life. Also, think about moments or reasons because of which you could experience negative energy. Just collect some ideas but don´t dwell on them.

The second step is to think about how you could use this energy in a good sense. What could you do instead of dwelling on? Maybe something good for yourself or for somebody else?

The third step is, you probably guess it by now, to use this energy the next time you feel it.

An actual example from myself. I expected that being apart from my wife around Christmas time will be difficult at some moments.
So, in advance, I thought about things I could do. I thought that I could try to talk more with Valeria but since that´s sometimes more difficult because of the time difference and discriminating schedules I also thought about other things I could do. For example, talking more with my friends and family or writing a nice letter to Russia or preparing something for her arrival in Germany or distracting myself with reading something nice or doing some sport as a useful distraction or writing something for myself or do make something else creative or listening some music, etc… You get the idea and you see that there are plenty of options. At the moment, it´s just very difficult to come up with any of those. Therefore, the little thinking time beforehand. The amazing thing is that many of the things are useful for every negative thing happening. Think about doing sport, writing, talking to the people you love, listening to music or making something creative.
And right now I am using this energy. I finish this spontaneous blog post and I will try my best to later today also use some more of this negative energy for something good!

I guess that this is just one example of the fact that life consists partly of battling procrastination and “good reasons” also known as “excuses” as often as possible. So that, we can rather create something good instead of dwelling on the bad.

Have a Merry Christmas my friends and enjoy this special day of the year!

All the best,


Every day is a new life to a wise man.

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