The golden middle

The golden middle

Why is it always so difficult to find the ying-yang line? This fine path on the knifes edge. Or as my mum always calls it: “The golden middle”. I think because we are humans and we can only aim for improving daily a bit. I once read that we should aim every day for just 1 % better. This means than that we should just be a little bit better than we were yesterday. And I think that is doable, no?
I focus my attention in the last weeks on “the process”. That means for me thinking less about the big picture and what needs to be done. In exchange to I try to just do more important/good tasks.
I really implement the 2 minute rule here a lot. For me this means to do everything that will take 2 minutes or less directly.
I will not lie. Many days I fail totally. But there are also more of the days where I am just way more productive than I have ever been before. I am still far away from all the famous people you read of. But I think I am at least 1 % better than I have been yesterday. And I try my best to keep improving daily, step by step.

Keeping in mind this quote I like a lot: “Every day is a new life to a wise man.”

I hope that you will find the energy to just try the same, improving just 1 % daily.

Lots of love


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