The combination of a big thank you and an important reminder

The combination of a big thank you and an important reminder

Hello everybody,

I just saw that my last post was my 50th post on my blog. Wow, time flies by so fast! I just checked that I posted my first post on 20th February 2019 (If you are curious: the golden middle).

This post is for everybody that reads my blog regularly. I hope that sharing my thoughts with you could give you some hope, inspiration, entertainment, energy, a smile or two, etc.

It certainly helps me. The writing taught me to persist, to restart, to go with the flow, to learn new things, and many more things that don´t come to my mind right now. It also made me realize that some things never disappear but that you learn to deal better with them.

One example is that I am still not sure if my writing is okay or good. However, I became way better at accepting this and focusing more on the doing part. Instead of waiting now a week or two with finishing a post I now post the post and let the universe decide if it´s good enough.

So, I can conclude that starting this blog at least made me focus more on taking good action and this was a big goal of starting this blog. I didn´t become famous nor rich. However, I learned so many new things and only the future knows for what the things that I learned will be good.

And those things already were good! It taught me that I should start before I know exactly what I want to do but also that I should try my best to have a structure before I start. That helped me tremendously with writing everything during my master and it now helps me each day with writing emails and solicitations.

Hence, if there is something you are doubting to start and try, then, I can only suggest you try it. But don´t try it only once half-heartedly. Instead, try it for a longer time and do your best to do it regularly.

Of course, doing it daily at a certain time for at least 30 minutes would be optimum. However, I would suggest another approach. Schedule it daily, write down a time of the day at which you could most likely do it but don´t confine yourself too much.

Focus more on the doing part. If it´s only some minutes but regular every day. Then it´s better than one time every two weeks for an hour. So, focus on just doing it. If you enjoy it, then you will automatically do it for a longer time. And if you don´t enjoy it after giving a real honest trial (btw. It´s your decision if the trial was long and intense enough) then go on to the next thing.

No matter what it is that you want to try, I hope that you will enjoy it (most of the time) and most important learn something from it.

If you are out of ideas, then those are for you: restart something you liked before but somehow quit, search the internet for a sport or hobby you could try, start a habit that you wanted to implement a long time ago (e.g. regular exercise, drinking more, stretching, journaling, meditation, reading more, etc.).

But now back to the beginning:

Thank you very much for accompanying me on this journey and even more for your support! I look forward to continuing this journey and I am curious where it will lead us. Live is just amazing and always full of surprises.

I would like to hear from you if there is a subject you would like to read more about? Or calm my curiosity and tell me how a writing of mine helped or supported you.

All the best and remember to enjoy this beautiful life,


“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”

John F. Kennedy

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