The balance act

The balance act

We all know it and we all would love an easy answer. How can we find the balance between doing more and enjoying what we created. The “Drahtseilakt” (balance act) between pushing yourself forward and recharging. But there is no easy/simple answer. We can just try every day to do as many good actions as possible. In addition, we must enjoy the small/simple moments and in between create some bigger ones every now and then. As everything it is a process. I certainly dislike that many times and want a fast/easy way out. But there is not such a way.

Therefore, I try my best to have a good routine, work on the important tasks (both the ones for me and the ones that need to be done) and doing my best enjoying the simple things.
Simple things are for me eating with my loved ones, talking with them, doing things together, and just spending time together. But I also do things just for me: sport, eating good, writing for my blog, reading and of course “wasting” time with video games/ TV-series and so forth.

Thus, let´s focus on the next good task ahead and let´s try to work with our best effort we can give today on it.



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