Surprise yourself

Sometimes the best we can do is to surprise ourselves.

To explain myself: Every now and then do we all think that everything is so hard, difficult, and impossible. Then we tend to think that we already reached the highest level. That there is no way to improve.
So, in those moments the best thing that helps me is surprising myself with something that I change or just do. Examples from me are: Doing more useful stuff, taking more good actions, becoming more efficient, or just waking up earlier. But also things like implementing a morning routine, restarting a good habit, running midden in the night (or just going for a random walk) or cooking something totally new and healthy.

I think those “surprising presents” that we give ourselves are sometimes exactly what we need. And what we need is sometimes just an extra proof that “it´s possible”. By “it” do I mean “everything that you set your mind to”.

So, what is your next surprise to yourself?

No matter what it is, small or big, I wish you that it helps you become better than you were yesterday.



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