Storytime 002

The peculiar fight

The peculiar fight

Once upon a time, there was a peculiar fight. It happened a bit offside from the main battle on the field on a clearance in the forest. The main battle was between two gigantic armies running against each other. It was a massacre that finally was won by one army with a gigantic payment in blood, sweat, and tears. But our story is not about the incredible losses both armies made on the main field. It´s about three warriors, drifted off from the battlefield and caught in the woods. Here, they roamed around. Prepared to see enemies behind every tree. Always at attention, the nerves blank, filled with adrenalin and focused. The day already faded and long shadows appeared everywhere. These shadows played with the imagination and concentration of the fighters. On top of that, the forest was very thick grown and animals, disturbed from the nearby battle, were noisy and restless. So, these warriors were passing from tree to tree, very careful to make as few sounds as possible and to hear possible enemies first. Our warriors were as different as day and night. Warrior one was a big man with a long beard and a shield in his hands. He lost his other weapons in the heat of the battle. Warrior two was a wise-looking, wiry man in the green coat of a ranger. He had a longbow with marks of yearlong usage but only one arrow was left in his quiver. Our third warrior was a small, young-looking lad in the black suit of an assassin. He only traveled with his trusted dagger.

The light did not allow discrimination between friend and foe. Therefore, all three warriors decided for themselves to see everybody with a weapon in hand as a foe. To protect one’s life. 

Three things happened at the same time before everything went crazy. First, the ranger spotted the assassin, took his last arrow and aimed at him. Second, the assassin heard the soldier. Third, the soldier was surprised to see the backside of the ranger behind a tree in front of him.

Suddenly, the following occurred in very quick succession. The warrior jumped with his shield towards the ranger to crack his skull. The assassin took his dagger to stab the warrior. And the ranger released his arrow.

This battle was less obvious than the big, main battle. However, it was in its own way even more impressive. Although the only remnants of this fight are three fallen warriors in a deadly triangle.

This time I tried something totally different and this story is the result. Please tell me if you liked it. I am also happy about every comment, advice or suggestion.

Writing this story reminded me of two things. First, sometimes the small things are more interesting than the big picture. Just as another example, looking at an anthill from above is less interesting than looking in detail how it´s organized, how the ants are structured and what they are doing (At least for me, maybe for other people it´s the other way around^^).
Second, writing this story reminded me of the fact that you can succeed at one thing and fail at another thing at the same time. Even more, many times you have to choose one thing that you try your best to succeed while you chose to “fail” at a lot of other things. Probably calling it prioritization would be easier. However, I liked it this way more. 😛

Have a great time and maybe think about also trying something different.



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