Storytime 001

Storytime 001

I am happy to present you my very first short story:

A journey begins

Oscar is 20 years old and lives in a small city. He always wanted to travel the world. But he never had the time. There was always something to do. First, he had to go to school. Then, he had to find further education. After that, he had to build a good resume and then finally, he had to find a job. But before he continued this, he discovered his own superpower. It was one random day. It´s impossible to tell the exact moment but at one point did he notice something is different. That´s when he discovered his superpower. His superpower is the ability to decide. He can choose how his life looks. So, at this day he started to decide. His first decision was that he will finally go to travel the world. After this decision, he started to plan his journey around the world. And instead of thinking about what he should do next he decided what he has to do in order to accomplish his dream.

It was a year later when he finally started his journey. This year was full of planning, saving, looking at situations differently and trying new things. And here he stood at the airport. His first fly will go to the biggest city of his country. This was one of his first decisions after discovering his superpower. The decision to start small and later travel further.

It was far from easy but already then, he knew that it was totally worth it all the struggle, hustle and fearful moments.

Because finally, Oscar went on his journey, not on a path that somebody else told him.

To be continued…

I look forward to your comments.

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