Sometimes it must go down before it is going up

Sometimes it must go down before it is going up

Today, was one of those mixed days. It started amazing with waking up together with my wife, the sun was shining, and the birds were singing. This followed up by some productivity and a very nice breakfast together. Then, the day continued good. Until that moment. It was totally random but then I was extremely exhausted and felt as if everything is overwhelming me. Everything seemed to be too much. Too difficult, too improbable, too much work or hundreds of other things.

After indulging in this “blackhole” for some minutes did I realize: “If I stay like this nothing will change.” Then, I talked to myself like with a little child: “Just go down and start with the easiest task. Then, we will look if there is some more energy and if not, we will call it a day.” So, I started with the easiest task. But then something magically happened. I found some more strength to do the next simplest task and carry on for quite some time. Something I couldn´t have thought off just some hours ago.

And now, hours late do I even write this blogpost. It really feels like magic to me.

So, why don´t you just try to talk to your inner child? Just negotiate a bit and amaze yourself.

All the best,


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