Overwhelming thoughts

Overwhelming thoughts

Sometimes everything can be quite overwhelming. All the things that we have to do, the things that are just necessary. Then, the things that get asked from us for our jobs, from our families/friends and all the other small things on our to-do-lists. On top of that, we have the things that we want to do. Those things can be small but also big plans for the future. However, every day only has 24 hours no matter what we want. That´s why I feel sometimes extremely overwhelmed. Therefore, I want to share with you today some things that I found that can help me, sadly not always, but often.

  • Go for a run, to the gym or just for a walk outside.
  • Talk with friends/family over anything
  • Meditate (calm your nerves)
  • Listen to music
  • Write it down, I actually have a “capture everything list”. In this list I collect all the thoughts, wishes, dreams, things I want and things I want to do. Later, I sort them in different categories, for example: ideas for future, thoughts, career notes, a list for things that I want and need, and many more. Or I put them in my calendar where they belong. Because often those things don´t need to be done right now.
  • Those are the things I do that came to my mind fast. I hope that one of those can help you when you get overwhelmed.

After calming myself down with one of those things, I remind myself of the fact that even Rome wasn´t built in one day. That every journey starts with the first step. That it´s about moving forward. Sometimes only a tiny bit. Sometimes we get pushed backwards a bit. But in the end, all we have to do is taking the next step forward.

I wish you a lot of success with your next step!



P.s.: I almost forgot one: Being grateful for the things I already have. Thinking about this helps me often to calm my nerves. It shows me that I already have a lot and that the things I want to achieve are only extras that would make it even better. So, next time you are overwhelmed maybe give it a try and think of the things you are thankful for. For example, I am thankful for my great friends, awesome family, good health, wonderful relationship, the crazy weather, and the birds singing outside of my window right now (I can hear seagulls here in Bremerhaven <3)!

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