My thought of the day: Butterflies?

My thought

of the day:


Don´t worry the butterflies will come. However, the thought started way differently:

Today while doing some mundane tasks I asked myself: What would happen if everybody would strive to become a little bit better?

One thing I am sure about if everybody would focus on improving themselves daily a tiny bit then they would start emitting this into the world. This emission would start to change small things around them. First very likely only some minor things. For example, a more positive attitude to tiny things like everyday tasks. Or, more friendly reactions from colleagues, friends, family. However, after quite some time passed by this constant striving for constant improvement then would translate into a big change. A change in yourself that is then so big that your emission is infecting people around you in a positive way. This good infection will be everywhere you are. From your home over work until your whole community and maybe even further.

All this thinking led me to the big question: How?

How could one convince everybody to strive every day to become a tiny bit better? Just striving for 1 % or even 0,5 % or who cares as long it is better even 0,01% is great.

The best conclusion I came up with until now is: Probably no one can convince everybody. However, if we just focus on becoming ourselves every day a teeny tiny bit better, maybe over time our emission starts to infect people around us enough to make them strive for small improvements.

And maybe over a long period of time not one but a lot of people together could change the world in a positive way?

I don´t know if this is true but I am willing to try it. I will focus even more on becoming better. Furthermore, I will continue talking with all the people around me. Finally, maybe after a lot of time passed, the world will be a more positive place…

This reminded me of the butterfly effect, as far as I remember, says the butterfly effect that a butterfly flapping his wing somewhere can have as an effect after some time at another place that a storm occurs.

So, can we be one of those butterflies? Can we flap our wings here and have a great impact somewhere else?

I hope so and I am willing to try!

Have a wonderful day!

Lovely greetings from your still learning to fly butterfly,


P.s.: Maybe one day I can flap my wing strong enough to achieve the butterfly effect?

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