Hypocrite or human

Today I asked myself if I am hypocritic or if it´s just because I am human. To explain myself, I know and preach that we all can be more productive. That we can do better and achieve more. But today is one of the days where I only did some things that I had to do and then did I fall into a black hole of demotivation, procrastination and not being able to convince myself to do anything productive. I couldn´t really do anything that would help me or the ones that I care about in the future. I had plans on my agenda, I knew a lot of useful things to do, read, learn, or think about. But the only thing my brain wanted to do was procrastinating. And today, the excuses sounded so strong in my head. Normally, I know that they are not true and that I will be better off doing the things I wanted to do because they are helpful.

I wasn´t able to start. Luckily for me, do I have people that remind me to just start a little bit. I have people that help me up when I feel down.

Sadly, I do not have a blueprint of how to exactly get those people in your life. I only know that being yourself, pursuing good things in all areas of life and being open is important. But I know that they are important to help you when you feel down, and you are important for the same reason. There is of course more to it than I could ever write in one post. But for the sake of time did I chose only this part.

Therefore, I advice you to be good to the people that are good for you. Thank them and reciprocally help them. Because without them we are only partly complete.

I hope that you had fewer problems with taking the right actions or at least had someone that helped you back on track.

Lots of love


P.s.: I think that it´s human, what do you think?

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