How we can use the coronavirus situation to our advantage and make something good out of it

How we can use the coronavirus situation to our advantage and make something good out of it

Hello everybody,

In the last weeks, this coronavirus is everywhere in the news. I am probably not the only one that thinks that it´s hyped too much in the media and that we should not freak out this much about it. Yes, it´s dangerous but it isn´t doomsday. Yes, it´s worse than the flue but we will survive it. We have smart people all around the globe working on solutions. But because of this whole media madness, I got inspired to write this post. Since some people start to freak out, I got reminded of a saying from the stoics:

“There are only facts and our interpretation. Only the latter can be positive, neutral or negative.”

The stoics

Therefore, let´s focus on the positive side of this situation! It´s our choice how we interpret the circumstances. No matter what happens, it´s only about our interpretation and what we make out of the situation.

Or as I wrote in this post :

“Everything you throw into the fire becomes fuel for the fire.”

So, let´s take what we have and throw it into the fire. And by fire, I mean ourselves. Let´s see this as an opportunity to fuel our own fire.

It´s a fact that this virus is now in our world and the only thing we can do is accept it and make the best out of it.

“Amor Fati.”

The stoics

That´s why I wrote this post to give you my five cents on things you can do during this exceptional situation. Let´s use the gained time at home, surrounded by your loved ones, and make something out of it.

Do something you long wanted to do anyway. For example, clean or sort something that you wanted to do for many years, but you never found the time for it. (I am actually doing this in the last weeks with the support of my wife. It would be so much more difficult without her but together it´s even fun! So, maybe ask somebody to do it together. It´s mostly faster and for sure more fun.) You can also re-arrange your room or the yard (Extremely good to combine with sorting, we do this right now). Craft something you wanted to do long ago, maybe a picture you wanted to draw, or something you wanted to construct, no matter what, just get it out and do it (I try to re-start my blog writing, as you obviously can see right now). Or, get the dusty books from the shelf that you wanted to read so long ago?

You can also re-start a habit, run a new route or whatever comes to your mind that you wanted to do but never found the time to do. There are many things you can do at home and probably you already have a lot of things at home that you anyway wanted use but never had the time for. Now you have this time, hence, use this time wisely.

The second big thing you can do is to do something new. We are in the 21st century, there is so much information online that you can use that there are endless opportunities. You can literally start everything online. You can learn every skill, craft or whatsoever online and best of all for many you don´t need to leave the house. Just take an online class (there are plenty of free ones) and start trying. No matter if you want to take a full course of something or just start to work out at home (for example, ever wanted to try out one of those? Yoga, bodyweight exercises, running, etc.), there is information for you how to start it. Maybe take a drawing class, learn chess, or cook a new recipe (no need for shopping, experiment with the things your storage room stores the longest).

Thus, try to see this exceptional situation as an opportunity to discover, re-discover, and enjoy life. Only one thing left, what will you do or try? Let us know in the comments. My goal for today is to take a book and read outside, I hope that you also have such beautiful weather today as we have here.

All the best,


P.s.: Don´t get me wrong, you got to wash your hands and it´s better to use some disinfectant. But you should be doing that anyway always. We all should. Just don´t freak out about the virus.

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