How to achieve your dreams and even more

How to achieve your dreams and even more

Hello, my friends,

It seems to me as if I, again and again, share with you things that bother me or that I am not good at. Hopefully only yet not good at?! Today is again such a post. Please tell me if you don´t like it, tell me what I could change, and I will try to adapt to it.

Anyway, enough rambling on. Don´t you know this when you have those wonderful ideas, dreams, plans, goals, and wishes? You even make a plan and you start to follow it. But then this tiny voice inside of you holds you back. No matter if after a day, a week or a month. When those voices come and tell you all the reasons why you cannot do this. Or when they tell you what will stop you or that somebody else is better. Or whatever stupid reasons your mind comes up with. I know that you know what I mean. We all battle those thoughts.

But did you ever think about how you could defeat them? I do that often. I fail often but many times I succeed. I have those big goals in all areas of life and many times I just stop one of them. This blog is an example. It was created to improve my writing, guide my thoughts and create something positive and good while doing that. But every now and then I am just stopping it. I stop to believe in the good and I let myself held back by those thoughts. Then, it often takes some days or weeks to bring myself back on the track and then I ask myself why I stopped? I am surprised and then a bit mad at myself for not following through with my plan.

If you ever encountered something comparable then continue reading because here is a collection of thoughts and methods that help me to get back on the track. As you all know by now. It´s about having the right tool at the right moment. And having many of them ensures that we have often the right one to jump back on the track. These are some of the tools that helped me many times to restart a good habit or continue a project.

Disclaimer, all these are not originally from me and I don´t even know from whom they are. Probably they are not the same way formulated as the original but it´s about the meaning. This is what I remember in my head.

So, let´s jump into the first one. The first one is “When was the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. When is the second-best time to plant one? NOW!”

This one always reminds me of the fact that it´s not important what I didn´t do yesterday or in the past. It´s about what I do today and to start is the best I can do.

This brings us to my next one “Imagine why you started. “. Think back to why you began this project and feel the dreams and reasons you had to start whatever you started. Really think deep about the why. Then take this energy and go to the next step.

This is actually our next point remember that “Every journey starts with the first step.”. It’s about consistency. Your big goal also starts with the first step. Consistency is the goal and many times the secret to achieve something bigger than you ever achieved before.
Therefore, keep this in mind and look for the next, tiny action you can do directly. Maybe it´s taking some notes. Maybe it´s a phone call. I don´t know but you do.

This brings us to my next reminder “Take more good actions.”. Remember the slogan from this famous company with the tick as a logo. And freaking do it! Just go for it, tiger!

Finally, my favorite one that I actually wrote today on my hand as a constant reminder “I can. I will. End of story!”. Yes, I can, you can, we all can. It´s about our decisions. So, make it now and pledge to yourself that you will persist with it. It´s okay to adjust your aim every now and then. However, it´s not okay to let yourself down and do nothing.

Hence, take this freshly gained motivation, maybe take some notes (I, for example, wrote on a piece of paper “I can achieve it all. Imagine it & take the next step” and put it on my bedside cabinet) and go for it! Fight for your dreams. Never forget that it´s about daily, small things consistently over a long period of time. Let this time start now!

Go, think about why you wanted to plant a tree, plant it today, and water it daily until you harvest the fruits. (Hmm, writing this I thought “Maybe that´s a good one to put next to my desk?”)

All the best,


P.s.: Let me know your thoughts or experiences and any suggestions in the comments.

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