How proud you can be after a difficult but simple everyday decision

How proud you can be after a difficult but simple everyday decision

Hello, my friends,

Decisions are the bane of everybody. So many times, we know exactly what is best and/or must be done but we don´t do it.

Today, I want to share with you a proud moment of mine. It was one of those very simple decisions and I only had a split-second to decide.

I was about to finish an important part of my report for university when I got some tea. Then, I looked at the clock and realized that it´s almost time for lunch. I was hungry, hence, I went to the fridge and thought about what I could make for lunch. But somehow, I caught myself and heard me think: “We got to finish the last part now, then it´s time for lunch.” And I noticed that I wasn´t that hungry. I even caught me thinking that I would feel even better if I would finish this part before lunchtime. So, I went downstairs to my computer and finished the work I started. It took some more minutes than expected, probably an hour but it was totally worth it. I felt so much better afterwards and when I made my lunch, I was so proud of myself.
A little bit strange to say but, yeah, I was proud of myself for doing this small task that anyway was planned.

I think we all have comparable moments many times but often we ignore them. I don´t understand why but many times it´s so difficult to convince yourself of doing the right thing.

All I know is that we must take every moment in which we catch ourselves as I did in this example and then we must do the task.
Many times, it´s helpful to aim low. Instead of “I´ll finish this task” we then can say “I´ll continue for 10 minutes”. Or “I will investigate it for 5 minutes” or “I will start planning”. Since starting is the most difficult part it is many times enough to get started.
I once read that we should aim for many “small-wins” each day. Hence, instead of thinking: “I have to finish this gigantic task.” we should split it up in small parts and just start with the first small part.

For example, if you must write something, maybe a report or letter or email or homework then think what´s the next small task I can start with. Really start with a tiny part. Maybe you can plan, look for an idea, outline or start with a random sentence.
It´s easier to get rolling when you only must look at what is the task, or where could I start, or what´s the exercise instead of: “I have to finish this long writing project.” (That´s at least many times how it feels in my head ^^)

From my own experience, this is extremely helpful. Thinking back to my first longer writing project for university I was extremely overwhelmed. I started to think about all the parts at the same time and I began writing all over the document without real structure. I did not have a plan in my mind and that was visible in my writing and working. I freaked out and had all parts started without any connection and sense at all. I finally finished the report, but I was only happy about passing.
From the next bigger writing project on I tried to go more “structured” at the process, but it took me a long time until I realized that I should work more on the planning and structuring. Now, probably two years later, I begin by planning my writing before I start anything. I make a structure, think about the recommendations and prerequisites. At least, I do this for a big report. For my blogposts I many times have in my head an idea or something that occurred to me and I start to write. But also, there I have a little structure. In the beginning, I always write at least one or two ideas for headlines. And in the case that I have many ideas in my head, then I write also some bullet points with notes down. It´s not big but it´s some structure.

Another example where I already use this principle is doing sport and especially running. It´s always a win for me to just step outside the door ready for running. And then I just run as long as I feel good. Sometimes it´s longer, sometimes shorter but I already won because I went.

And I want to try implementing this for many more tasks. Instead of looking at my room and being overwhelmed about cleaning the whole room, I want to try looking at just one corner and starting there for some minutes. Maybe I´ll clean the whole room afterwards, maybe not, but at least I cleaned that corner and next time it´ll be less daunting.

Or when life seems to be total chaos, and everything seems helpless and overwhelming. Then, instead of stopping, I want to teach myself more and more to just look at a small next step. The tiniest good action I can take to make this situation better. Unfortunately, this is simpler said than done but we are all on a journey and try to become better!

I think that you get the point but how did we get here? Ah, yeah. This whole post started because of one of those silent but victorious moments where I decided to finish my work instead of taking a break. 

I wish you to find every day some more small wins.
My first one today was waking up and stretching for some minutes. This blogpost was my second small win, I hope you enjoyed it.

All the best,


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