How Marvel and quantum physics lead me to think about creativity and imagine a bright future for our world

How Marvel and quantum physics lead me to think about creativity and imagine a bright future for our world

Hello my friends,

Let´s directly jump into my thought today. I just finished watching “Antman and the Wasp” from Marvel and earlier today I read and watched a bit about quantum physics. I would not say that I understand quantum physics or marvel fully but it´s mind-blowing! What I understand about quantum physics is that it is mainly about energy and that everything in our universe is less about the matter and more about states of energy. Hence, everything is connected through energy and in the end, even time and space are relative. That´s probably where my understanding stops, and it gets too much spaced up. However, always when I am thinking about science like this I ask myself this same question: “What would happen if we all, thus all humans, would strive each day to become a bit better, to improve our world, to move forward and make something better?”

This thought comes from all the great inventions and discoveries humans made. Just think about all those famous people like Galileo Galilei, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein but also more recent people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and others. Think about what they achieved. With the same 24 hours each day that we have. Just imagine for a second that we all would strive to understand something better or improve something. If we all would make this world a place where we would try our best to make the future brighter every day.

I can imagine it and it is beautiful and fascinating. Imagine how everything would be more efficient, more sustainable, less complicated and exhaustive. And it doesn´t have to be difficult for each of us since everybody just has to focus on improving himself and/or his surroundings 1 % each day.

That can start with a simple thing as improving something small at work. For example, a fabric worker telling a possible improvement in safety that also could increase the productivity of the plant. Maybe in a tiny way because the workers only feel safer but many tiny adjustments like this together would make this plant extremely more efficient and at the same time the lives of everybody working there would be better.

Maybe even in future now impossible sounding things would be possible. Maybe after a long time with tiny everyday improvements, even the working time for the workers could be halved while the salary stays the same.

Maybe there could be ways found for automatization that would increase the creative work humans could make. The ingenuity which brought us this far could be unfolded endlessly. Yes, many things would be not useful and probably never implemented but they would bear the ideas for better things and solutions. Or they could bring the knowledge needed for something world-changing.

This is a side effect of creativity, take Leonardo Da Vinci, most of his ideas never came into reality and until today we haven´t constructed everything he invented in his mind and drew on papers. However, many of the things he invented were so far ahead of his time that even his predictions he made for humanity come in many regards extremely close to reality. Probably he had also a lot of useless and impracticable ideas and inventions but those made other ideas possible. All this creativity unleashed made it possible to produce an environment in which one person continues to make the world speechless, even 500 years after he lived!
Just imagine we could make the world, or at least a big part of it an environment that facilitates the emergence of geniuses like Leonardo, Galileo or Albert Einstein.

Of course, not all of us will be like Leonardo and we don´t need to be but some would be. With the right environment and encouragement, the proportion of highly inventive and influential geniuses would increase. Additionally, all the rest would make this world a better place for everybody. Everybody would influence the world with his special gifts in a positive way. We would have inventions everywhere and the continuous, many times tiny, adjustments would make living more pleasant for everybody.

This would create a positive feedback loop where creativity would result in inventions that make our environment and living more enjoyable and inspiring. This would result in more creativity and the circle would restart.

Yes, that´s spontaneously made from me. And yes, I agree that my paint skills need improvement ^_^

Wouldn´t that be an amazing world?

I like to hear examples of environments that were already created all around the world. Probably everybody heard from the Google offices that encourage all kinds of adjustments to increase creativity, enjoyment and following increased productivity in all areas.
I just read that companies like Airbnb, Shopify, Adobe, Pixar, and many more also have those so-called “design offices”.

Or maybe you heard of some of the companies that experimented with 25 hour working weeks and that kept the previous productivity or sometimes even increased it while everybody is enjoying his or her life more.

There are more examples of the fact that doing more is not always better and I am excited to see more coming!

Maybe I should have called this post better “Alex dreaming about a perfect future” but who knows maybe it´s not dreaming, maybe it´s possible? It doesn´t have to be that everybody looks for tiny improvements every day but if more people will do it amazing things will undoubtably happen! I certainly will continue enjoying this “dream” while I try to change the only thing that I have control over, me. And I will continue hoping that this will have a positive effect on my surroundings and hopefully this effect will influence even more and so on. Maybe the butterfly effect exists, and I can flap my tiny wing and make a positive hurricane on the other side of the world or in many years?

What do you think? What are your dreams and hopes about the future? Is it possible or just a dream?

Let your creativity flow!
All the best,


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