Getting back on track

Getting back on track

It´s so hard. Knowing something is good for you. Stopping for any reason and then finally jumping back on the train. Afraid of missing the train or getting hurt while jumping on it. All those other things that have to be done and/or want to be done. For me, it is writing. I really enjoy it and I think later I will possibly write even a book. But for now, I want to enjoy the process of writing and during that, I want to improve my writing. But many times I have a good streak doing it. I feel good and happy. I improve and enjoy. Then I stumble and I stop for some time. Then, after some time, I try to get back on track. And with every day I believe more that it´s better to take more action than doing less or even worse, nothing at all. This leads me to my personal goal of the month: Taking more action! Just doing more. I made the rule for myself to do everything I can do in 2 minutes or less directly. And it works! I move forward with all my endeavors. More stumbling… But I come closer in all important areas for me.

Probably the old Chinese proverb is right: “Every journey starts with the first step!”

And I read today a quote from Epictetus: “Persist and resist”. Persist in your effort. Resist giving in to distraction, discouragement or disorder.

So, now I will throw away my shoes and go for a run, continuing to improving the process of getting back on track!



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