Enjoying life, during busy times

Enjoying life, during busy times

It´s a fact. At times life is just busier than on average. Of course, we do our best to be more productive, schedule better and do more with the time we have. But what helps me especially good is focusing on enjoying the simple things even more during that time. For me, that means to calm myself down and relax during the little breaks even more. That can have different forms. For example, during lunch can I take some deep breaths and enjoy that I have good company. Or during walking can I just focus more on having a clear sky, fresh air, some birds singing, and/or even some sun! Or having a nice breakfast before the busy day starts.

All those things help me to relax, slow down and enjoy what I have. Then I try my best to continue working on the things I want to achieve.

How is this going for you? I hope my thoughts reminded you of something or gave you a new thought.

Have a wonderful day, greetings


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