Doing more good things

Doing more good things

It´s easier said than done to stay active, doing more, improving, just doing what you know is good for you and your life.

But we are all human. We are all in an endless cycle of being good on the track, learning, improving and doing our best. Just to fail ourselves. However, already Silvester Stallone in Rocky said: “It´s about getting up when you get knocked down!” (no guarantee that it´s an exact citation, but the meaning is the same ^^). Therefore, it´s about focusing on the process. Maybe starting again is more important than anything.

Pounding about this I will now try my best to implement it, with small things. Especially with getting more things done and thinking less. I will write for sure more about what I try. For now, just one example: I tried to do all the things that take just 2 minutes or less directly. And it worked for me miraculously. I am doing more than ever! It gets me moving. It brings me into doing mode instead of thinking mood. This post is a product of getting into movement and then just doing!
However, I also learned in the last days that there is an adjustment needed. Because when I fill my day with all the small tasks that I can do in 2 minutes or less I start to do less for the most important tasks. So, I will now try to use this rule a bit adjusted: Do all important things that take just 2 minutes or less directly. All the other tasks I will just note to do them later. I will do them in a break, or when I have free time.

It´s probably again about finding the “golden middle”, just this time between doing more and doing more of the good stuff.

Thus, until next time let´s just try to do more that is important and valuable to us!


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