Do you want to improve your consistency? Then apply this simple rule.

Do you want to improve your consistency? Then apply this simple rule.

Hello everybody,

Everybody knows it. I know that you know and you know that I know it. But Alex, what are you talking about?

I am talking about the importance of consistently moving forward. It´s obvious that we only continue building our lives if we continue doing things. But that´s easier said than done, isn´t it? One day you feel energized and continuing your good habit is a piece of cake. But the other day you, literally, eat that piece of cake instead of working out.

Therefore I wanted to share with you the very simple “second-day rule”. It simply says that skipping something one day because of life is happening is okay but the second day you got to do it anyway. No excuses! (I can almost feel you laughing at this and I admit that I still fail some second days but way less often.)

“No excuses, just do it!”

I think the beauty of this “rule” is that it´s simple. It fits with living. We all know that some days are easier than others and sometimes it feels impossible and then we skip something that we actually think is important. Then, we regret it and we beat ourselves up. That´s where this “rule” jumps in. It takes out the regret and tells you that yesterday was an error but the world will not fall apart. Simply jump back on the train, today. Nothing is lost and you are not a failure. Simply continue on the next day and everything is all right.

I apply this “rule” for a month or two with my workout regime in the morning (I decided that Corona is the best possible situation for me to try working out in the morning ^^). And, for me, it works extremely well (I alternate between body-weight workouts, yoga, and running). Hence, I hope it will help you too.

I also use it for my writing habit and my programming journey. There, it also works well. Hence, I believe that it can work for every habit.

Just think about the things you want to become better at and try to do it daily. But when you stumble, don´t be mad at yourself and start fresh the next day.

“The second day rule”

Fall and stand up after licking your wounds

All the best,


Bonus: Make the goals smaller, when you start it’s easier to do more than the goal because starting is the hardest part. I call it “tricking my own mind into starting” and it helps really good. I use it for running (goal is to just go out and start running) and writing (just crappy 200 words a day).

“Progress is progress, no matter how tiny.”

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