Am only I worrying?

Am only I worrying?

I guess everybody asks himself this question every now and then. I certainly do. Especially when I read about the great accomplishments of other people.

But during the last time, I change my thinking about this. I looked for examples of their human side.

Just today I read the perfect example: John D. Rockefeller.

Yes, the man that became one of the richest men of his time. The man with a monopoly in the oil industry. The man some consider him the wealthiest American of all time.

But that is the side everybody knows. We hear it in school and the news. However, what nobody tells you is that he was close to dying from worry.

All his career he only thought about money, working and becoming richer and richer. Then, just above 50 years old, he started to become ill because of his worries. He was used to having his worries about money, business and so forth. But at that time people started to really hate him because of his reckless attitude. That was too much for him! He slowly deteriorated. His health became worse and worse.

Until one day his doctors told him that he must make a choice: retire and live or work and die of worry.

Luckily, he retired. And he slowly understood that life is not only about working, earning and being successful.

He started to exercise, eat healthily, rest and enjoy his life. Furthermore, he discovered that using his wealth to help people, later the whole society and ultimately the world was the most fulfilling experience he ever had.

Thus, not only his health improved. But he also changed our world. He founded the Rockefeller Foundation to fight ignorance and diseases all over the world.

Let´s remember that even the most successful people in the world are still humans. Therefore, don´t worry that you are human. Embrace it. Dare more, fail more and never forget to enjoy what you have.

And then reach out to other people. Support them. Because together can we make this world a better place for everybody!

I wish you a wonderful day.



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