Alexander’s struggles – Not knowing where to aim

Alexander’s struggles – Not knowing where to aim

Hey, it´s me. I didn´t write for a long time. But I will change that. This is the first post that I will actually post (hopefully, but if you read this right now then I certainly posted it).

I didn´t publish anything because I am busy with myself. I am struggling to find my “career” or “job” goal. I am unsure where to aim and that bothers me, a lot. Actually, it´s one of the hardest things I did in the last years.

And it bothers me because I am actually the only person in this whole wide universe that should know.

But I don´t know.

I try to figure it out by reading a lot and trying different things. I taught myself how to code and I educated myself (with some certifications) in data analytics and data science. Since that´s the best guess that I have right now, although, I am not sure if it´s for me to do it for a long time.

Additionally, I do a lot of sport and enjoy my life. I have small trips and switch it up with my wife (as good as Corona lets us). I am extremely happy with my life and my decisions up until now but not knowing where I want to go gnaws at myself (that´s at least what we say in German, tell me if it´s understandable in English, too).

I read so much about how important it is where to aim to focus your energy like a laser beam to get there. However, I am aimless with my career. I am happy for this opportunity with data analytics but I am not really enjoying this handling of the data.

But for now, that´s the best I have. So, my plan is simply to further improve this skill, apply to positions, and then try it under real circumstances. Because the worst we can do is actually to not do anything. So, I will not lose anything with the potential to gain a lot of knowledge, hopefully also about myself.

Have a wonderful day and all the best,


P.S. I found this quote today:

“There is a difference between not knowing and not knowing yet.”

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