Alexander’s struggles 6 – Why we forget how beautiful life is and what to do against it

Alexander’s struggles 6 – Why we forget how beautiful life is and what to do against it

The autumn leaves falling from the trees. Red, brown, yellow everywhere. The sun shining through the leaves. The birds are singing. Isn´t it beautiful?

Our hearts beating, our limbs moving, our lungs working. Isn´t it humbling?

Peace, democracy, electricity, running water. Isn´t it fascinating?

All the things and possibilities we have. Aren`t they magical?

Those and many more things are going well for us each day. Not always all of them together but plenty to show us each day that there is hope and that there are many wonderful things in our lives.

But we tend to forget, don´t we? When we are hurrying from goal to goal and we don´t have time to stop. Too much of that, too little of that, nothing of that, and countless more things on our lists.

However, what we need is to stop and ask ourselves: Why?

Why do all of this? Why the hustle? Why never stopping.

And maybe, just maybe we conclude that we already have so many great things in our lives that we forget to enjoy. Things that we take for granted. Parts that we forget. Things that the everyday hustle buried.

Do we remember or know this why? I am quite sure. However, it´s so deeply buried underneath everything else that it´s hard to find. I said hard to find, not impossible!

You might ask, how? How can we find what is buried so deep that we cannot see it anymore? You find what is buried by digging.

But forcefully digging has no sense here. We got to slowly restart focusing on what´s important. Then we got to put a little bit of effort into those important things. That´s our digging. And after some time, or some more time, or a lot of time doing this, we eventually will recover what was always there.

And some things can help us get there. But doing them once will not help us. Hence, we got to make at least one thing a habit. So, maybe early in the morning or before going to bed at night you can set aside some minutes for yourself by yourself. Write a journal, go for a walk, think about what you enjoyed that day or the day before. Do this for a long time and eventually you will get there.

And you can start right now. Take a piece of paper and write down three things:

  1. The time each day you will set aside (e.g. after waking up)
  2. What you will do to remember what you already have (e.g. writing down what you are grateful for)
  3. What you will do to find/remember your why (e.g. what you enjoy doing, or what you want to try)

I wish you to remember what you have and that you enjoy it.

All the best,


“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace.

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