Alexander’s struggles 5 – The worst struggle of them all

Alexander’s struggles 5 – The worst struggle of them all

I know that I am the only one responsible

That´s it. It´s only me.

I don´t have a flat belly? My fault. I ate too much or the wrong things. I didn´t work out regularly.  Nobody else did it. Nobody forced me to eat more or stopped me from working out, more regular, or harder.

This is so hard to accept but it´s true.

I haven´t found what I am good at and build a career around it? Also, my fault. I could have procrastinated less, tried more things, and talked to more people.

Even writing this is hard but it doesn´t change the truth.

There are many more examples but the most important and at the same time most difficult one for me is:

It´s not important how you came to this point. If you are unhappy about something then you are responsible to change it. Maybe somebody else helped you to get here. But that´s not important. Important is that you are now here. You have what you have. I have what I have. The only thing we can do is to take what we have and make something better out of it.

The good thing about this?

I have control. I can do something to make anything better and so can you.

The start might be harsh but ignoring what you don´t like is not the solution. Either you accept it the way it is and don´t complain about it (No, not even to yourself). Or you do something against it.

“A journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step.”

So, where to start? I think it´s simple.

First, make clear what you are unhappy about. Think about what you complain about. Notice yourself. Take some time alone. Make it a habit to recognize your dreams and write them down.

Next, daily do something, no matter how tiny, towards solving this problem. It can be as small as reading a bit about it. Having a walk or just sitting some minutes calmly and thinking about the situation.

That´s it. The difficulty lies in making it regular.

It´s no quick fix but you will notice small differences. You will be more content and you will slowly improve what bothers you.

Now, I got to go for a run, to get my belly flat.

All the best,


“When you are going through hell, keep going.”

Winston Churchill

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