Alexander’s struggles 2 – Finding balance in life or feeling as if walking blindfolded

Alexander’s struggles 2 – Finding balance in life or feeling as if walking blindfolded

Hello everybody,

My struggle of the day is finding the balance between expecting more of yourself and not beating yourself up.

You probably know about the importance of moving forward, becoming better each day. Since if you stand still, then you are moving backward because everything else is moving forward.

And you are the only person that can demand this of yourself. Especially, since everybody else is more concerned with themselves than helping others. Yes, we support each other and it`s important but, in the end, we are way more time by ourselves and without those external supporters. So, we need to motivate and discipline ourselves, most of the time.

And the only thing that can bring you to higher levels is when you increase your standard. That means the standard you set for yourself.

On the other hand, we got to lift ourselves up for what we achieve. We need to celebrate the things we do, without resting on our successes too much.

And this results in my inner conflict. I try my best to only compare myself to myself and I am (in my honest opinion) way better off than 10 years ago. However, there is so much more that I could do. There are so many things that I could do that it`s really difficult for me to choose. This is one of the many reasons I try to get back to writing regularly because it´s one thing that I like doing and if I continue doing it I could potentially even become good at it. So, here I am writing.

But let’s get back to the point. So, I am doing my best. My nutrition is getting better, I work out, I write my journal, hell I am even meditating regularly again! However, this struggle between the need to do more, learn more, becoming better, and at the same time to relax and enjoy what I have.

One way that I found to achieve this quite okay is that I write each morning down what I am grateful for and I write my focus for the day. In this way, I focus on enjoying what I have and push myself to do more things that move me forward (even though I don´t know exactly where forward will lead me, as I told you in my last post).

But maybe the best tip I can give you is to just try harder to do regular something for both of those important sides of the same coin. Find a way for yourself. No matter if you schedule a weekly walk, write a journal, or do something completely different to not forget either of them.

All the best,


 “You need to raise your standard to change”

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