Alexander’s struggles 11 – When you go through hell, keep on moving

Alexander’s struggles 11 – When you go through hell, keep on moving

Hello everybody,

I hope you had a wonderful week!

Mine was again really exciting, almost nerve-wracking. I hadn’t imagined that it could be this mentally exhausting to figure out what I want to do with my life. It’s a daily rollercoaster with voices in my head fighting about my life.

For example, one is saying to follow the dream inside fully. That means going into motivating people, spreading inspiration, and advocating balance in life. But this voice is battled by another voice that’s telling me to be reasonable and first search for security, especially financially.

I guess that it’s now my task to figure out a way in between. Hence, my next question to answer is How to do this. How can I follow this dream inside, earn money, and enjoy life?

Sometimes this feels mentally like going through hell. That´s why I named the post:

“If you are going through hell, keep on moving.”

So, no matter what bothers your mind, your next obstacle, don’t give up. You will figure a way out. Search for new angles on how to approach it, look for help and other ideas, and most important keep on moving. Never ever stop.

Remember that failing is inevitable but we can learn from it and grow. However, failure is a decision. Only if we stop completely then we become a failure. Hence, as long as we stand up back again and move, no matter how tiny the step, we are in the battle and we increase our chance of winning. And if we stay in long enough. Then, inevitably, we will win.

“I can. I will. End of story.”

All the best,


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