A short thought about managing time and prioritization

A short thought about managing time and prioritization

Hello everybody,

I know it´s quite some time between my last post and this post. But there I had to think a lot and adjust my priorities.

The main reason is this mean ticking clock. It´s hunting me. I want to do everything at once but I cannot. Therefore, I have to prioritize. That means making time for some things and not doing other things.

One of the other things, for now, is the writing. I decided that taking good care of myself and investing most of my reminding time in preparing my career.

For me, that means that I am reading a lot about IT, try to improve my solicitations, improve my logic/memory/speed and other skills needed to be as good as possible at assessment centers (AC) and learn to program.

Hence, I have less time for writing. But I want to try to include shorter posts like this one in my schedule.

This prioritization feels difficult but it´s also the only thing keeping me sane now.

I challenge you to also challenge yourself to question your priorities regularly. Then cut back on things that are not moving you forward in those priorities and then invest that time on your priorities. Sounds easy, not? I understand it´s not. Therefore, I am curious to hear what your problems with prioritization are. How do you solve them?

All the best,


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